Working in Partnership

The partnership kit, entitled "Working in Partnership - Recipes for Success" is available to assist organizations to partner effectively.

Learn the steps involved in self-assessment, establishing compatibility, writing a partnership agreement, evaluating and enhancing the partnership, and conflict management.

Virtually every nonprofit/voluntary sector organization in Alberta has experience with partnering. These experiences range from the straight forward sharing of resources to sophisticated collaborations that deeply impact the vision and mission of each partner.

Nonprofit/voluntary sector representatives identified a need to create a resource that would assist in the establishment of effective partnerships. The result is a kit that addresses both basic and comprehensive issues associated with partnering.

"Working in Partnership - Recipes for Success" is available to assist regardless of an organization's level of partnering experience.

Partnership Kit: Working in Partnership - Recipes for Success (1.7 MB)
Partnership Kit Supplemental Appendix PDF (1.9 MB)

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Working Together

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