Community Spirit Program

The Community Spirit Program donation grant has been discontinued. Since 2008, the Community Spirit Program benefited many nonprofit organizations across the province and successfully resulted in nonprofit/voluntary organizations increasing their private fundraising activity. The program was made up of two components - a donation grant and a charitable tax credit. The last year of the donation grant was 2012-13. Albertans continue to be eligible for the charitable tax credit, one of the highest charitable tax credits in Canada.

2012-13 Grant Process

All grant decision letters and payments have been mailed. If you have not received a letter, please contact the program office at 780-644-8604. Budget 2012-13 provided $15.5 million for the Community Spirit Program donation grant. The application deadline was December 31, 2012.

Final Reports

Final Reports for the 2011-12 donation grant are past due. Final reports are now available for the 2012-13 program year, and will be due May 1, 2014. Final reports may be submitted online or by submitting a hard copy. For further information and access to final report templates, click here.


Community Spirit Program
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